About ISBrescia

International School of Brescia


When a child encounters a new foreign language, he or she will experience communication difficulties initially. During this time the child absorbs the new sounds of the language and begins to interpret the meaning of key words and phrases used in the school environment. Once this fundamental vocabulary has been learned, the child will be able to interact verbally with other students and teachers, building confidence and making visible progress on a day to day basis.
The ISBrescia provides an ideal situation for children to improve their language skills and learn in an international environment.

Mission & Statement

The International School of Brescia is dedicated to providing students with a culturally diverse, innovative international education. Our whole-student methodology encourages and empowers students to reach their full potential in order to become active, open-minded, life-long learners and citizens for the modern world.

At the International School of Brescia, we recognize that our students are global citizens-in-the-making, valued and vital assets to their families, the local community, and the greater world. Within a tolerant, multicultural environment, the intellectual, emotional, ethical and physical development of our learners is fostered. As children ‘learn how to learn’, they accrue the necessary habits of mind, critical thinking skills and social abilities to become collaborative contributors to their own learning. The changing world requires a flexible, adaptable, interconnected outlook and a compassionate nature. At ISBrescia, we ensure the promotion of an international mindset within a supportive and encouraging academically challenging environment.