Since its start in 2015, TIMETOLOVE has been supporting different projects, which involve the well-being of women and children. A special event will take place on 10th September 2015; funds will be raised and donated to BUMI SEHAT FOUNDATION, the non-profit organization, which provides free medical assistance, helping mother give birth in safe circumstances, thanks to its founder, the obstetrician Ibu Robin LimCNN 2011 Hero of the Year.
“EDUCATION FOR A BETTER WORLD” is the motto of all IB WORLD SCHOOLS. Awareness of global issues, produces those emotional reactions that create tangible actions to better our world. ISBrescia will support TIMETOLOVE and BUMI SEHAT FOUNDATION as proof of their commitment and core beliefs.

L’Albero della Vita is an non-profit organization, committed to ensuring the well-being and the rights of the children, contributing to their educational growth within the community they belong to. Every year the International School of Brescia and its large family raise funds to ensure schooling to 3 children.

Società di San Vincenzo De Paoli is an international association of lay Catholics, who live their Christian faith through works of charity.

In December 2014 Our SRC (Students Representative Council) have successfully organized a food drive. They have collected over 25 bags full with food, which has been donated to the community of San Vincenzo De Paoli in Brescia. A warm thank you goes to our families as well, for having supported their kids. Mr. Giuseppe Milanesi sends this thank you message to our students:
“E’ bello vedere che la scuola rappresenta ancora un luogo importante per la crescita integrale dei ragazzi, andando oltre la semplice istruzione intesa come somministrazione di nozioni… questo aiuto è davvero molto importante perché si trasformerà integralmente in un sollievo tangibile, concreto, per molte persone, vere, reali, con un nome, un cognome e una storia, vissuta e ancora da vivere. Un grazie di cuore da parte nostra, ma anche e soprattutto da parte di chi beneficerà del Vostro gesto di altruismo anzi, me lo consenta, di amore.”

A charity event was organized in June 2015 by the association Rotary Club Brescia Moretto, with the purpose to raise funds for AISLA.
The International School of Brescia has supported the project as to foster awareness within its community.