Global Community

Originally conceived as schools for expatriates who travelled the world for working purposes, international schools now generally serve two groups of students:

Those who do not have domicile in the host country (for example, children of personnel of international companies and organizations, embassy staff and other government officials). For those students, instruction in the local language is second to the mother tongue.
Those who are children of local residents who benefit from learning in another tongue, usually English. Often, the benefits for local students are an enhanced higher education prospect and better employment opportunities as a result of an international education.
The trend toward globalization is not simply limited to economics, technology and entertainment. Education is a field that displays a wide-open opportunity for universal access, and international schools are growing in appeal across the globe. Exceptional international schools guarantee both an accredited international curriculum and a faculty of university-trained teachers.

Starting small and beginning within the context of the classroom, students at IS Brescia develop a global outlook. The classroom community supports collaboration and inclusion, and a friendly, tolerant environment encourages self-respect and respect for others. In a warm, inviting atmosphere, our students are encouraged to be active learners and reflective thinkers who will one day make valuable contributions to the world around them.

An international view of “A World Without Frontiers” expresses a mindset that is free of boundaries and limitations. The seal of the school symbolizes our emphasis on local, national and international cooperation. Traditional in aspect, our students’ uniforms carry the seal and are a source of pride and distinction.