IB Learner Profile


Successful students with an international education exhibit a number of desired attributes and dispositions that are articulated in the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile.

At IS Brescia, we are working to become:

Inquirers: developing our natural curiosity while attaining the skills to conduct inquiry, research our interests, and show independence of thought.

Knowledgeable: acquiring understanding of concepts, ideas and issues (both local and global) across a wide range of disciplines.

Thinkers: taking the initiative by approaching complex problems both critically and creatively and by making ethical, reasoned decisions.

Communicators: working to confidently and creatively express ideas, feelings and information individually and collaboratively in two or more languages.

Principled: developing a sense of fairness and justice and a respect for human dignity by acting with integrity and honesty.

Open-minded: understanding and appreciating the perspectives, values and traditions of others while valuing one’s own.

Caring: demonstrating a commitment to service by showing empathy, respect and compassion toward others and the environment.

Risk-takers: defending beliefs with forethought and courage while confronting new roles and unfamiliar situations with boldness and independence.

Balanced: achieving a sense of intellectual, emotional and physical well-being that supports an even balance for the self and others.

Reflective: showing thoughtfulness and consideration toward each learning experience while assessing personal strengths and limitations in order to grow and achieve.