IB Morning

On Thursday 19th December, all parents joined their child in a typical IB class period.

In Grade 7 (MYP), as part of their lesson of “Individuals and Societies” (Geography), students were asked to carry out an urban regeneration program for the city of Brescia. The campaign had to include a city slogan, images, a text and reflections.

In Grade 6, students viewed a medieval art gallery, read their own medieval poems to the class and performed a play! They then collaborated with their parents to make a family coat of arms.

In Grade 5, students had a busy morning playing a 24 hour time bingo-game and then made both a physical and iPad version of an Ancient Roman timeline. They used Poplet on their iPad to learn about Ancient Roman children’s toys and games.

In Grade 4, students and parents had a lot of fun working in groups, designing a board game to represent the challenges and opportunities of migration. They learnt it is definitely not an easy journey migrating to a new place!

In Grade 3, students created their own myths to explain natural phenomena and then acted them out in front of their parents.

In Grade 1&2 , with their parents’ support, students made pharaoh’s head dress.

Early Years parents were invited to support their child during circle time activities and afterwards Kindergarten students made a house model with their parent to reflect their own home, as part of the Who We Are unit of inquiry, using paint and junk modelling materials. Whilst Transition students went back to class and had a lively Phonics session developing their reading and writing skills using sound cards, matching cards, jigsaw puzzles and reading books.

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