Our Italian Program

Part of our international mindset is the recognition we give to our host country and we are proud of the fact that IS Brescia has strong roots in the Italian community.
This enables us to provide international students with an Italian experience and at the same time provide Italian students with a unique opportunity to develop a global perspective while retaining their Italian heritage.

The primary years are ideal for children to develop bilingual skills because of their ability to absorb language. Although most of our emphasis is focused on the development of English, the Italian program is given ample space in the Elementary school timetable in order to provide native Italians with a solid base for the correct development of their mother tongue.
From Grade 1 Italian loosely follows the Italian Language strand of the ministerial same time provides Italian Mother Tongue students with an opportunity to develop a global perspective by making connections with the Units of Inquiry.

For students who are learning Italian as a foreign language, we develop language skills to enable children to speak, read and write with increasing fluency, so enabling our students to enjoy and better understand the host country.