At ISBrescia, Apple “One-to-One” technology is supported by the use of the iPads during the PYP.

Technology has always been integral tool to learning at ISBrescia. Knowing that technology will continue to play an important role in the lives of students, we believe developing digital skills from an early age will promote exploration, creativity and innovation – the approach to learning embodied in the IB-PYP curriculum.

We have adopted a strategy that puts an individual iPad in the hands of every student in Transition and in each year above, and we are the first school in its group to implement the one to one iPad programme. During the MYP students are instead required to move up to a personal MacBook.

The implementation

From September 2010, all students in Transition and Grades One to Six were required to purchase their own iPads to support their school work.Apps are now used for all subjects in the curriculum. Students enjoy the interactivity they allow, and teachers say apps are powerful complementary tools when used alongside traditional textbooks to reinforce learning concepts.

Basic skills, such as addition and subtraction, are consolidated using apps for Maths. Ambitious project work is also brought alive with relevant apps. Map apps explain the topography of Italy with compelling graphic clarity. Using specialist nutrition apps help students learn about different types of food and the importance of good eating habits. The iPad has features that help students grapple with the particular challenges of international schooling. 90% of Brescia students are Italian, and learning English phonics is made much easier with VoiceOver and apps that repeat word sounds.

The results

Parents report that they are much more involved in their children’s learning now. They can see their children’s work in one place, and get good and fast feedback from teachers.Teachers support the iPad programme because it enables much greater access to information and learning resources. It also helps them support students with different learning abilities. The iPad screen and sound quality helps learners with visual and hearing difficulties, for example.

Products our students use: